licensed esthetician

What has kept me going in my fifteen years in the beauty industry is my love for my clients. I love hearing about their lives, and their ups and downs, and most of all I love when they leave my chair or table feeling great about themselves. One thing I’ve noticed about some waxing establishments is a lack of attention to detail in creating a space that is inviting, intimate, and comfortable for clients. Something as simple as a sheet on the massage table instead of paper can make the service much more comfortable. In my new space, I’m doing my best to create physical and emotional comfort priorities. Don’t worry though: the waxing is also top-notch.

I have been told I have a gift. My soft touch and easy-going demeanor makes Brazilian waxing easy, and sometimes even fun. I firmly believe that EVERYBODY deserves to feel good. I have guests who range from young ladies to mature women. Size 2 to size 32. I have found a space that everyone can feel comfortable, and I can feel proud of calling home.



Licensed Esthetician

Changing the world one wax at a time.


Found Meghan about a year ago, and honestly she literally the eyebrow goddess, I can't live without her!!!
Don't hesitate, please, go see her... 10000000% recommended!

Love you, Meghan!

Carla M.

Meghan is a true professional, she is an expert in her field and a super fun lady to boot.  Her service is unparalleled.

Glenda T.

Meghan is the BEST! When I moved up to Portland, I was worried I would have to shop around for a new esthetician. BUT after my friend told me to go to Meghan, I have found the one!

Cindy L.

Looking for a professional who you can be loyal to? Let's face it, your brows should ONLY be shaped by a PRO, Megan is OUTSTANDING! I have been in the industry for 14 years... training in this particular skill set, not only is Megan skilled, talented, and passionate, she is warm and friendly. Also, where I'm particular when looking for waxing services, Megan's industry standards set the bar when it comes to sanitation. I've seen her several times now, I am a loyal client.

Raquel R.

I visited Meghan for the very first time and I had an "as good as it gets" experience! Waxing can be painful, uncomfortable, and a little nerve-wrecking (for me anyway) so I definitely appreciate someone who works to take the edge off of the process and who makes you feel comfortable.

The location is great and convenient, although I did visit during the week. I was able to find parking right out front. I may not say that if I visited during a more busy time.

I recommend and will come back!

Lexy N.

Went in for a lip and eye brow wax. We consulted over the look and talked about everything beforehand. Really good pricing and was really flexible with her time with me. Come and see her!!!

Amy S.